Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Note to Leftists on Nazi Scum

On Saturday 6th February 2016 far-left protesters attacked supporters of PEGIDA Ireland (an anti- Islamisation group) as they tried to make their way to the GPO in Dublin City centre for a rally that was not allowed to happen.

Edit Note: the original 6min video that this blog was written about is no longer available on You Tube. the above 3min video is a re-edited version of the deleted one and does not feature the quote below by loud mouth hooligan Derek Byrne, or the SJW's hanging back from the trouble.

This video is so enlightening.

Oh the irony of Nazi scum chanting "Nazi scum get off our streets" while refusing to get off our streets.

I suppose they only wanted to assert their right to beat up people that they disagree with and how dare those evil Gardaí prevent them from defending us all from these “racists”.

"This is Ireland 2016 - racists are protected and the sticks are drawn on the people
-Derek Byrne

That says it all really; it’s okay to violently molest and beat a "racist" because they're not actually people - dehumanise the enemy/unbeliever and do as you please with them, it has a familiar ring to it. An almost "Es Ist Zeit zu säubern - Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten!" chime to it. A call to purge and cleanse – hello religiosity!

Of course, the collective harassment experienced by the PEGIDA Ireland supporters in this video is nothing compared to the experience of the women of Cologne and many other European cities on New Years Eve.

The "taherrush" literally means "collective harassment" and this fun Islamic game involves the sexual molestation and/or rape of women that are wearing perfume or are considered to be immodestly dressed (no hijab). There are over 1,000 official complaints from women in Cologne to date and the more sensibly dressed (duffle coat and jeans) got off the lightest, whereas women in skirts were literally brutalised. This is not acceptable behaviour and the very thought of it angers me.

Thankfully, we didn't experience that in Ireland because we haven't yet imported tens of thousands of third-world migrants with medieval beliefs, who, because of their numbers, don't feel the need to integrate and think they can insist that their Sharia Law should be tolerated in our Democracy.

We should look to Sweden as a cautionary tale and resolve not to replicate their mistakes. Irish people have every right to be concerned about open borders and mass immigration. We have a constitutional right to express those concerns in public, "peaceably and without arms" and anyone that interferes with that right is an enemy to our Democracy and our Freedom.

I suppose we should really thank these far-left nut-jobs for showing themselves up and I hope that people think long and hard before voting for any of the parties that they are associated with; I’d much rather be legally induced to pay my water bill than risk electing a totalitarian regime that would use physical coercion to silence dissenting voices.

I mean, I have Muslim friends that think we should close the borders, but then again they're integrated so I suppose that makes them "racist" as well, like the Polish lad in this video that "comes to this country" to be dictated to by a moron who thinks he knows what this country stands for while telling him he can’t go to the GPO!

Let me tell you this, Pearse and Connolly wouldn't spit on these frauds if they were on fire; they are anti-republican and they actually hate our country. This is the only conclusion that I can come to about people that promote open borders and mass immigration, especially in this day and age when we can all see what is happening in Europe. Take the flag from the mast you Irish traitors!

The virtue signalling middle-class Social Justice Warriors that hang well back from the trouble, bleating "Nazi scum get off our streets”, provide a good example of what it means to be a useful idiot. Of course, this video has been edited to remove the part where our “heroes” chase their quarry into a shop to administer their rough justice in the form of a beating.

The RTE camera man is ordered out by the leftists and he dutifully complies just as the Gardaí arrive and clear them all out. It is odd that the same RTE cameraman isn't as compliant when he is later told to move back by the Gardaí (Channel 4 News posted a video of this on Facebook; I'll leave a link below).

I don’t like it when the state abuses its power and uses the Gardaí to clear the road for Shell or arrest residents for objecting to their homes being water metered, but in this case I have to say fair play to our Gardaí for defending our democracy and more importantly, defending the lives of those that were prevented from exercising their constitutional rights.

I don’t know what PEGIDA were going to say had they made it to the GPO, but I do know that we have laws against hate speech and incitement to violence and that they would have been prosecuted if they engaged in it. We certainly don’t need self-appointed thought police preventing people from expressing views that they disagree with - that is Fascist, that is Communist, that is totalitarian.

I am not a member of Identity Ireland or of PEGIDA Ireland, but I share their concerns regarding the Islamisation of Europe through the acceptance of Sharia Law, and this shared concern in the eyes of some makes me a “racist” and a “fascist” – a non-human to be hunted down and destroyed – “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!” they might chant when they get round to me.

I can only wonder if this is the type of political discourse I can now expect from my leftist friends? You know, those of you that advocate for open borders and mass immigration, the next time I encounter 5 or more of you should I be worried? Will I be attacked and chased into a shop because I disagree with you?

If my reasonable concerns are considered to be “far-right”, “fascist” and “racist” should I embrace those labels and the next time we meet maybe I could chant something like “Stalin, Pol Pot, No! No! No! – Communist scum away you go” while violently assaulting you and chucking you off a building like a homosexual in one of those oh so tolerant Islamic countries? Would that be the kind of thing you have in mind?

Fear not, I will not stoop to that level, I actually believe in Freedom of Speech for everyone, including you leftists.

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