Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A few people have asked me what I will do to help reduce anti-social behaviour and crime. I have explained to them that as a Councillor that there is little I could do, even if I got a place on the toothless Joint-Policing Committee. The biggest problem is a lack of Garda resources and that would be a matter for the Dáil and the Minister for Justice.

As a Community Activist I will continue to work away at a local level and involve myself in positive activities, such as Tidy Towns, which gives the children something to do that they can take pride in. I am also campaigning for the establishment of Social Horse Projects to be established.

Here's an interview I gave to the Irish Daily Mail in 2012 explaining the failure of the state and "regeneration" to tackle the serious problems faced by my community: Limerick After The Dundons

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