Monday, June 26, 2017

Abortion Bus In Limerick

"Anti-woman anti-gay, pro-life bigots go away"
Seemingly oblivious to the fact that pro-lifers can be women and can also be gay, that was the chant from across the street from the far-left "pro-choice" group ROSA (Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism & Austerity) to the pro-lifers assembled to challenge their vile abortion bus campaign when it arrived in Limerick on 7 March 2017.
Not content with dehumanising the unborn child with their misinformation, they also want to demonise pro-lifers as "bigots", but all they have are lies and slogans.
A good example of their deceit was provided by Limerick Councillor, Cian Prendeville (Socialist Party/AAA-PBP/Solidarity...whatever their name is now), when he claimed that the Life Institute wanted to have ROSA arrested for distributing information from their bus and that this was a sign that the pro-life movement is afraid.
The fact that we were their to counter their narrative is proof that pro-lifers are not afraid and nobody had called for their arrest for distributing information.
ROSA had originally declared that they intended to distribute the abortion pill from their bus, which would have been an illegal and arrestable offence.
A number of pro-life organisations had called for them to be arrested if the went ahead with their dangerous stunt (the abortion pill is far from safe: ) to illegally distribute the drug to vulnerable young women. However, the brave ROSA gang changed their minds and instead gave out a website address where it can be bought online.
Fair play to The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform for organising the #ExposingDeception tour to counter the abortion bus and well done to all who turned out in Limerick City on the day to support the pro-life message.

As I began with a slogan I may as well end with one:
Don't believe their vile deception; human life begins at conception.

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